Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I was creating Sadie's annual Shutterfly photo book since her birthday is one short month from today, and I came across these wonderful pictures that Sadie's best friend Bella's wonderful nanny Sarah had taken on her camera over the past year.

The one with the butterfly on Bella's hand captures the innocence and wonder that these girls experience every day. Summer was full of swimming and camps, bike rides and fun music to dance too, smoothies for lunch and more pool time in the afternoon. What a wonderful life! And of course a butterfly lands on your hand.... Your lives are indeed wonderful!

But when I saw this next picture, from the Little family wrapped in a frame and presented on Christmas Eve, I gasped with laughter. This picture is who these girls just ARE!  Fashionistas. Full of Sass. Hams for the camera. Dancing queens. They are 5 going on 22. One day I may regret relishing in this... but they are no toddlers in tieras as or anything. It is just who they are. So confident. One day the world will knock their confidence down a peg or more. But until then, I am just tickled with who they both are.

Sadie asked me the other day if I was fancier when I was younger. I was standing there in my Lululemon workout pants (which I consider to be fancy, as well as fashionable, for a pretty penny!) which I had changed into after coming home from work.  I told her I would have to show her some pictures of when I was a little girl and she could decide herself if her mother was fancier now as a grown up or when I was 5 too. Can you show them to me now, she begged. Aren't they just on your phone?

Oh the life you lead, little one. Thinking that if there is a picture out there, it must be digital and accessible by an iPhone. Makes me giggle. And as always, grateful.

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